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Tell your friends, tell your fams. Tell your

Tell your friends, tell your fams. Tell your haters and your gang…this is the blog they wanna follow.



There’s more to everyone you know than it seems. Its called secrets.


Be careful what you tell others. You never know who they’ll tell. Or who they won’t.


I am the face of the scandalous, the voice of the elite. The power of the gifted, the mundancy of the ordinary. Nigerians beware. I am everywhere. A truth. A lie. I bind and i break the ties. Who am i? A pause in history. A mystery.


This is just not what i planned.

This is just not what i planned.

One Lighthouse, Free to Good Caretaker


Are you looking for a new home? The U.S. Government has a deal for you: Beautiful historic lakefront property, 360-degree water views, panoramic vistas, must not mind occasional foghorn or bright lights. The cost? Absolutely nothing. The hitch? It’s a lighthouse on Lake Superior.

The Superior Harbor South Breakwater lighthouse, located in Lake Superior near Duluth, MN, is being offered free to any eligible entity for educational, recreational, cultural or historic preservation purposes, because the U.S. Coast Guard who monitors the lake, no longer needs the beacon.

(MORE: From the Archives – National Affairs: Lighthouses for Sale)

Advances in technology mean that lighthouses, which were once critical to maintaining marine safety, are becoming increasingly irrelevant and can be costly to maintain. However their unique architecture and isolated waterfront placement makes them sought after locations for sea lovers and history buffs. In a win-win situation, under the National…

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Happy 114th Birthday to Jeralean Talley, The Oldest Living American!

Talk about being as old as the moon….


Be nice, worship God and eat pigs’ feet: That’s how Jeralean Talley of Inkster, Michigan says she lived to celebrate her 114th birthday today — and be crowned the oldest person in the United States. Using census records, the Gerontology Research Group verified her title after the previous oldest American, Elsie Thompson, died at 113 in March. Talley is still a youngster, relatively speaking, compared to the world’s oldest person, Jiroemon Kimura, who is 116 and lives in Japan.

(MORE:80-Year-Old Heart Surgery Survivor Aims for Everest Climbing Record)

In a phone conversation on the eve of her 114th birthday, Talley told TIME, “I feel okay.” These days, the supercentenarian lives with her daughter Thelma Holloway, 75, and says she passes the time by watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Wheel of Fortune as well as listening to baseball on the radio – though she doesn’t…

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